Tours of the Senate

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All guided tours of the Senate complex planned between 03/03/20 and 30/06/20 have been cancelled. Thank you for your understanding. More information: here.

Organised school groups (except for travel agencies) may take part in guided tours offered by the Senate every Monday and Friday. Those guided tours begin at the top of the hour from 9 to 15. It is necessary to book a tour at least two weeks in advance. You may do it by the included form. The tours are free of charge and last about 40 minutes.

The groups are obliged to provide a list of participants (pdf or doc format) with their names and ID numbers (for those older than 15), and the address of the school.

The Senate Chancellery reserves the right to alter or cancel a tour if it collides with another event held in the historical premises.

The Senate Chancellery does not provide any sightseeinng tours for travel agencies.