Foreign Relations Department


Jiří Krbec / director

+420 25707 2761
+420 25753 4499


  • ensures cooperation among the Committee on EU Affairs, the Foreign Relations Department and the Legislative Department,
  • ensures cooperation between the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security and the Foreign Relations Department,
  • exercises analytical, advisory and counselling activities for the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security and the Committee on EU Affairs in the fields falling within the competence of these committees.

Structure of the department:

Foreign Relations Unit


Radek Merkl / Head of Unit

Brief Description:

The Foreign Relations Department fulfils the tasks concerning Senate activities in the field of foreign policy and its international relations, the international contacts of its bodies, officers, senators and also of the Senate Chancellery official delegations. Through the European Union Unit it ensures expert and administrative background for the Senate discussion on European agenda.

Through the Foreign Relations Unit it ensures:

  1. in cooperation with the Procedure and Agenda Department it ensures the information and background materials for the Senate bodies in the field of international relations,
  2. at the request of an appropriate Senate body it prepares expert opinions on foreign policy materials,
  3. together with the Secretariat of the Senate President it participates in preparing foreign official journeys of the President of the Senate and in organizing the receptions of his foreign guests,
  4. ensures background and information materials for foreign official journeys of Senate officers and bodies as well as for receptions of foreign guests and official guests of the Senate Chancellery,
  5. offers secretary services for the activities of Senate permanent delegations in interparliamentary organizations and parliamentary bodies of international organizations in coordination with the Foreign Relations Department of the Chamber of Deputies,
  6. communicates with the secretariats of interparliamentary organizations and secretariats of parliamentary bodies of international organizations,
  7. administrates the information materials and documents issued by international and interparliamentary organizations,
  8. in cooperation with the External Relations and Services Department it ensures conditions for organized sightseeing of historical parts of the Senate building for foreign visits,
  9. elaborates materials for draft plans of foreign relations of the Senate, Senate bodies and senators and documents for the discussion of these plans within the Procedure and Agenda Department,
  10. administrates the plans of foreign relations of the Senate, Senate bodies and senators and updates these plans according to the instructions of the Procedure and Agenda Department,
  11. for meetings of appropriate Senate bodies it prepares the reports on the realization of foreign relations of the Senate, Senate bodies and senators,
  12. organizes the foreign official journeys of Senate delegations and delegations of the Senate Chancellery,
  13. ensures the purchase of air tickets both abroad and inland,
  14. ensures visa agenda related to the foreign official journeys of senators and Senate Chancellery officers,
  15. informs the committees about events connected with the Senate foreign activities, which fall into the competence of these committees,
  16. ensures the organization of seminars and conferences in relation to the Senate foreign activities,
  17. during the organizational ensuring of foreign relations of the Senate, Senate bodies and the Senate Chancellery it cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Chamber of Deputies Chancellery and other appropriate central state administration authorities,
  18. in the Senate Chancellery computer network it maintains the record of relations of the Senate, Senate bodies and senators and the Senate Chancellery,
  19. in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Senate President it administrates the agenda related to the foreign correspondence of the President of the Senate, ensures the translation of materials concerning the Senate activities from Czech to other languages and vice versa,
  20. creates information database and intermediates the participation of Senate Chancellery officers in international educational activities.

European Union Unit


Jan Grinc / Head of Unit

Brief Description:

The unit is an advisory body of the Senate for all EU affairs although it cooperates primarily with the above mentioned committees on European and Foreign affairs. This support includes:

  1. compiling weekly overviews with annotations of all legislative acts and other selected European documents transmitted to the Senate via internet;
  2. giving recommendations on whether to deal with a document or to simply take it into account;
  3. analysing the respective positions of the Government to initiatives of the Commission;
  4. preparing background notes for meetings of the committees including expert positions to the merits of debated initiatives;
  5. ensuring proper communication between Senate and Government on expert level;
  6. cooperating in European matters with similar bodies outside of the Senate;
  7. arranging a register of documents with their description and results of their debating on the floor of the Senate.

The representative in Brussels has a desk in the European Parliament since 1st November 2004 and fulfils the following tasks:

  1. giving notice on issues particularly relevant for the EU scrutiny in the Senate or of vital interest for the Czech Republic;
  2. obtaining information for the dossiers prepared by expert staff of the EU Unit;
  3. informing on activities in European institutions, mainly in the European Parliament, and giving notice on important meetings where Senate representatives should take part;
  4. fostering direct contacts with partners important for EU Scrutiny of the Senate, namely the CZ Permanent Representation to the EU, people working in the EU Institutions, Czech MEPs and representatives of other national parliaments;
  5. explaining and promoting the work of the Senate in European affairs;
  6. preparing Senate visits to EU institutions.