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Current restrictions at the seat of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (29.04.2020)

In compliance with the methodology of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to ensure functioning of the state authorities "Implementation of the extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health in connection with the proven occurrence of Coronavirus" the entry to the seat of the Senate has been restricted.

Only authorised persons will be allowed to enter the seat of the Senate through the reception desk A of the Waldstein Palace and through the reception of the Kolowrat Palace.

In May 2020, the Waldstein Palace will not be open to the public for the Senate tours on weekends and public holidays. All other public events and guided tours planned for May have been cancelled. The Information Center of the Senate will be closed until the end of May. The Waldstein Garden will not be open to the public in May 2020. Its reopening will be planned in compliance with the Government´s regulations.

Access of the public to committee meetings and plenary sessions remains restricted. It is possible to follow the committee meetings´ audio recordings on the Senate website. Plenary sessions of the Senate may be followed live on the Senate website.

The filing office of the Senate Chancellery:, data box ID 44iaeqj, phone: +420 257 072 651 (working days only 8:00–9:00, 10:00–12:00)

Media contact:

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Pavlína Heřmánková, 29.04.2020